What is energy deregulation?

Deregulation opened the market to competition giving you the power to choose from whom you purchase your energy. Prior to deregulation your local utility was your only option and you had to pay the rate that the utility charged. Now you can choose from a number of energy supply companies (ESCOs) and select the one that provides you with the options and prices that best meet your needs. Regardless of which ESCO you enroll with, your local utility still delivers your energy and provides billing and emergency service.

How can AAP&G reduce my monthly energy bill?

AAP&G buys large blocks of energy on the wholesale market at low prices and passes the savings on to you. We tell the utility what rate to charge you and the utility handles the rest. From your perspective nothing changes except you start saving money.

Will I receive two separate monthly bills for my energy?

No. you will continue to receive a single bill from your utility each month. The bill will identify AAP&G as your energy supply company.

Do I pay AAP&G or the Utility?

You continue to pay your utility. The only difference is that your rate will be reduced.

If I have a problem who do I call?

You call your utility. They will continue to respond to service interruptions and will maintain infrastructure. You will continue to receive the same level of service from your local utility company, regardless of who supplies your energy.

Will my utility be upset if I switch suppliers?

No. The utility companies have no problem with energy deregulation as they are mainly in the business of delivering your energy, not selling your energy. Many utility companies even promote the fact that you can save money by switching to other energy suppliers.

If I am already enrolled with an ESCO can I switch?

Yes you can. Just visit our website, fill in the required information and we will take the necessary steps to complete the switch.

If I switch suppliers, will there be any interruption in service?

No. The switch from one supplier to another is seamless. You’ll still receive a single bill from your utility and they will provide the same level of service to you as they have in the past.

If I switch suppliers, when will my service start?

Once approval for the switch is received from the utility, AAP&G should be your supplier of record as of your next meter read date.

How will I know if my enrollment was accepted?

Once you have been accepted and your switch has been approved, you will receive an email and/or a welcome package in the mail.

Does AAP&G offer renewable energy?

Yes we do. Each state has a minimum requirement for renewable energy content and we comply with each state requirement. Additionally, we offer a variety of options for increasing the percentage of renewable energy via the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Can I terminate my agreement with you at any time?

It depends on the type of service that you signed up for. In the case of our variable rate plans, you can terminate at any time without penalty. If you are in a fixed-rate plan penalties may apply. We recommend that you review your terms of service or agreement prior to doing anything. If you are not sure, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Can I remain on my budget plan if I enroll with AAP&G?

It varies by state. For example, New Jersey and Maryland customers typically cannot continue on a budget plan, but in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut they can. If you’re unsure about your particular state, contact us for more information.

Do I pay a higher rate for peak hour usage than for off-peak usage?

No. We charge you a single rate regardless of when the power is used.